Project Starion
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This section will display all of the accumulated parts for this project.
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1992 EPROM ECU. The EPROM computer is unique since it has a chip that can be socketed and changed. This gives flexibility in various areas such as rev limit, fuel cut control/removal and more. These puppies aren't getting any easier to find!
Since I had access to a car that was being parted out, I was able to grab some needed parts: Starter, Cam Angle Sensor, Coil pack, transistor, water pipe and some stuff that may make great paperweights.
Since I had an entire 1992 All Wheel Drive DSM at my disposal, I took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed the ENTIRE wiring harness. During the removal of these pieces, I shed a fair amount of blood from more than one wound and invented a whole new vocabulary of bad words.

Did you know that a single wiring harness from a DSM would stretch from New York to California and back?!?
Since the stock rear differential gear ratio is a way too tall at 3.45, I got a carrier from a 1987 Mitsubishi mighty max. The gear ratio for this unit is 4.22, which will be a good match for the automatic transmission.
I needed a 91-up DSM throttle body. I chose the simplicity of the non-turbo throttle body since it offers a flange that accepts a coupling. The DSM turbo throttle body would require a custom bolt-on elbow to be made.