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8/31/2003 Undercar and Underhood Clean-Up

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Oh man, I though removing the sound deadener was a messy job. This one took the cake. Since this car probably lost hundreds of quarts of oil over its lifespan, the undercoated undercarriage became a dirty, gooey, sandy mess. The underhood area was tackled as well due to the frame rails and crossmember being equally filthy.
    I wanted to clean everything for one or more of the reasons below:
  • a) I am an anal-retentive, obsessive compulsive, controlling neat freak
  • b) This crap looked like it would catch fire given the chance.
  • c) I truly have nothing better to do with my time.
The picture doesn't even do it justice. It was just terrible under there. A good percentage of this tar-like crap ended up on me, my hair and in my teeth.

Here is the stuff I used to get the job done. Not shown here is my drill with the wire brush attachment, a must have for this sort of drudgery. My favorite stuff is the can of
"Aircraft Remover."

Do you have a problem with pesky aircraft ruining your picnic? New flight patterns over your house keeping you up at night? Try new Aircraft Remover! Guaranteed to rid you of those annoying aircraft for up to 8 hours or your money back!
Here's a great way to get in those tough-to-reach spots. Simply borrow your wife's, or mother-in-law's toothbrush and get to work. Be sure to return it to her when finished*

*NOTE I take zero responsibility if you do this and it results in great personal and/or financial loss.
Here's the mess early on in the job. This is tedious, slow work.

Good thing I have "the voices" to keep me company.
Here is a picture of the tunnel almost complete. After it was finished, I put a few coats of spray paint to keep any bare spots from rusting.

After the job was finished, I was very pleased with the end results. On the other hand, if I ever need to do this again for any reason, best believe I'll be paying a neighbor kid five bucks to do it.