Project Starion
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5/14/2004 Engine Pics and more

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Here is the long block just kinda hanging out and waiting for the accessories and bolt ons.

Here's the engine going together. In this pic you can see some of the custom parts needed for this installation. One such part is the intake manifold. Since the stock DSM intake would point the throttle body backwards directly into the firewall, the throttle body flange had to be relocated to the front.

Also, you can see the non-turbo throttle body I'm using, as well as a nice shot of the Buschur Racing BR580 turbocharger installed. On this application, the turbo is mounted backwards from it's normal position on a DSM. Check out that O2 housing!

Since the power steering is no longer needed, and there is no longer a motor mount on this side of the engine, this large bracket can be removed. On the turbo inlet is a note reminding me to check if I need to re-clock it. After a closer look and some measurements, it appears that I will have to. Luckily, it is a simple process with this turbo.

One last shot of the engine before it gets buttoned up and installs itself into the car...don't I wish! In this pic you can get a nice shot of the beefy Buschur Racing adapter plate.

I wanted a top notch fuel setup to feed this thirsty beast and support future mods. After plenty of research I went with the Aeromotive pump, filter and regulator. The quality of these parts is second to none. It's almost a shame to hang them on the frame out of sight. Oh, and this pump makes the Walbro look like a skinny little chump.

Buschur Racing worked with Griffin to get an exact duplicate of the radiator in their Starion. It's all aluminum and has -12AN fittings for easy hookup.