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4/25/2004 Paintin' and Motorin'

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In the last update we took the car to the body shop for a little touch up. After talking with the folks at Econo Auto Painting, it became clear the car needed some body work and a full paint job.

The crew at Econo wasted no time getting the car off the trailer and into their shop.

I've only had a car painted one other time. Although I had faith in the people at Econo, I was still a little anxious of what the end result would be. I didn't want anything too fancy, but there was plenty of body work to do.

We left the car on a Saturday morning and kept our fingers crossed.

We visited Econo mid week and they had made incredible progress.

That following Saturday, one week later, we picked up the finished car. Econo turned the car around amazingly fast, did great work and the price was right. If you're wondering what it looks'll have to stay tuned to a future update!

What is this thing? Sewing Machine? New Sink?

Inside all that plastic is a Buschur Racing stage 3 4G63 short block in its forged pistoned, no balance shaft havin, knife-edged glory. This engine will provide a strong platform for the current setup and will offer the strength needed for future upgrades.

Here is a shot of the engine with the ARP head studs and head gasket installed. Things are starting to come together.

A perfect match for the Buschur Racing stage 3 short block is their stage 3 head. It's full of stainless steel valves, high performance springs and titanium retainers. The Cylinder head deck features o-ringed chambers for superior head gasket sealing at elevated boost levels. The intake and exhaust ports are expertly ported and polished to maximize flowage. Isn't that a word? Flowage?

Here's a closeup of the o-ringed chamber. Who needs a boost controller?

The good stuff. Happy at 9000rpm.

That tired old ported 1G exhaust manifold has been around the block a few times. Instead, we'll be using the Evo manifold which is similar to a 2G DSM manifold but has a larger collector that requires no porting.