Project Starion
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3/28/2004 Some assembly required

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15x3 Weld racing wheels and lightweight Mickey Thompson Tires will take weight off the nose of the car. This helps the car transfer weight and reduces rolling resistance. They're very shiny too.
15x8 Weld racing wheels and fat 26x11.50x15" Mickey Thompson E/T Street Tires will provide mucho bite off the line. They are also street legal (cough, cough) which makes these tires ideal for trips to the park for a nice picnic.

Thanks to David Buschur who broke these in for me on his 8 second 4G63 Starion.
I needed a well engineered 3" exhaust built from stainless steel. I was all geared up to build my own until David Buschur once again came to the rescue when he offered me the exhaust off of his Starion. This beauty is complete from the turbo back. The pictures don't do it any justice.
Buschur Racing 680cc fuel injectors will provide the juice.
The 4G63 cooling system components must be modified to fit the rear wheel drive north to south configuration. In this picture you see the water pump that Buschur Racing modified by welding a 12-AN fitting onto the end. The small housing replaces the stock thermostat housing and also uses a 12-AN fitting for easy plumbing.
Since this car will live at the track, I've deleted the troublesome oil cooler in favor of a simple non-cooled unit. This works well with the Starion swap since the filter points toward the fenderwell instead of back toward the firewall. The small line coming off the housing will feed oil to the turbo.
Did somebody say TURBO?

This is the Buschur Racing BR580 turbo. Buschur Racing worked closely with me to determine a turbo setup that would provide good spool with the automatic tranny, yet have the ability to lay down some good all around horsepower. Can't wait to hear this thing sing!
Large and in charge.

I had a moment of clarity when I took the Starion to the local paint shop for some touch up work.

Me:"Hello there, I just need a few places touched up on the old race car"

Paint Guy: "Umm, ya. Touch up, right, ok then, umm lets see"

Me: "Thanks, see you later!"

Paint Guy: "Wait! Let's go over the car together and circle each spot that needs attention"

Me: (in nervous laughter)"Heh, um, that's not necessary now is it?"

Paint Guy: (Circling like mad) "Let me get my other marker, I ran this one outta ink."

In the end, the car was covered with circles of varying sizes and shapes. So in a couple weeks the car will be looking much better with a fresh coat of paint.