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12/20/2003 Roll Cage Install Part I

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Here is a shot of the Starion in surgery. I originally planned to build and install the roll cage myself.

Who was I kidding!?!  This takes time, skill and craftmanship! To be honest, I'm a little short in those categories lately.
I met Don (owner of Air Cooled Classics) at a dyno day he hosted for some local import folks. I barely noticed all of the noise and drama of cars laying down horsepower. I was oblivious, taken back by the machinery that ACC builds. The picture to the left are just two examples. Air Cooled Classics has been building and racing Porsches for years with great success.

After drooling over the many toys on their property, I asked Don if he would entertain the notion of building a roll cage for my Starion. After convincing him that the Starions was an extremely rare joint venture between Porsche and Mitsu, he agreed.

In all seriousness, Don is one of the nicest, no bull, down to earth people I've met. He has been very helpful and is open minded. Obviously. He's got his guys wrenching on an 88 Starion!

Here's a shot from the passenger side. As you'll see the cage is in it's early build stages. Good progress has been made in a short period of time though. After all is said and done, a 12 point roll cage will wrap itself around the driver.

Oh, and that homely stock seat wont be in there long. A Kirkey aluminum race seat is awaiting installation.
Here is another shot from the rear hatch area of the car. Check out the hatch strut mounts! I'm gonna be able to get groceries in this thing!
In this shot you can see the gaping hole in the hatch floor. An aluminum panel and bracing will be built to support the fuel cell. Scratch the "getting groceries" thought.
In my mind, going from a fuel tank to a fuel cell felt like a big step. A race car is actually getting built now...and I'm somehow part of this! Cool!

The best part is I can build the fuel system right the first time. Big fittings, big lines, big pump, big horsepower.